Below are a few examples of cues orchestrated by Stephen Coleman.

(for a current full list of film credits as lead orchestrator click here:

All of the items below are mp3 files. Click on a title to listen, right-click then choose 'save to disk' to download.

  The Magic Beanstalk.mp3 (Puss in Boots - Dreamworks)

  Golden Goose of Legend.mp3 (Puss in Boots - Dreamworks)

  Bad Kitty.mp3 (Puss in Boots - Dreamworks)

  Sunshine.mp3 (Sunshine - Danny Boyle)

  Wreck it Ralph 1.mp3 (Wreck-it Ralph - Disney)

  Wreck it Ralph 2.mp3 (Wreck-it Ralph - Disney)

  Wreck it Ralph 3.mp3 (Wreck-it Ralph - Disney)

  The Puss Suite.mp3 (Puss in Boots - Disney)

  There is a God in You.mp3 (Clash of the Titans - Warner Brothers)


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